DryMax is the premier fluid management system being used in the operating room today.  It is a brand name of a range of products offering efficient, improved hygiene and infection control in the operation room. All of our products are made in the same uncompromising high standard, are easy-to-use and are environmentally friendly. They contribute towards improved clinical efficiency and help reduce costs. Developed and manufactured by Absorbest AB, Sweden, the products are sold throughout the world.


Many, for example, arthroscopy-based surgeries, produce large quantities of flushing liquid (ie irrigation fluid), urine, blood, etc. There is a big risk of slipping or falling on a wet floor – but we have the solution!

Despite being only a few millimeters thick, the mat absorbs and contains large quantities of fluids and bacteria. The result is a drier, a more hygienic, a safer and pleasant working environment – also meaning less time and money spent on cleaning. Depending on the fluid absorbed – the mat can be disposed of in the usual manner. Turn-around time is reduced considerably, allowing for more operations to be carried out.

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